UHS Reader

UHS Reader 6.1

Developer Universal Hint System

UHS is designed to give you hints you need to solve hundreds of computer games.

Haihaisoft PDF Reader

Haihaisoft PDF Reader 1.5

Developer Haihaisoft

Haihaisoft PDF Reader is a free PDF document reader and printer.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader 6.3

Developer Renaissance Learning

Build a Lifelong Love of Reading in Every Student.

Spam Reader

Spam Reader 3.7

Developer LuxContinent LLC

Spam Reader is an anti-spam add-on for Microsoft Outlook.


Accelerated Reader Cheats

Bytescout BarCode Reader

Bytescout BarCode Reader 8.60

Developer ByteScout, Inc

Freeware utility to read barcode from images, PDF, and TIFF.


Search+ 1.1

Developer Alone

etasearching utility. Search without of browser. Search any kind of information: pages, translates...

Accelerated Reader RP

Accelerated Reader RP 7.5

Developer Renaissance Learning, Inc.

Universal Anticheat

Universal Anticheat 3.0

Developer UAC3

Universal AntiCheat software - client side cheat detecting system.

Accelerated Reader and Star

Accelerated Reader and Star 1.0

Developer Default Manufacturer

Accelerated Reader - Cedar Grove ES

Accelerated Reader - Cedar Grove ES 6.2

Developer DCSS

CheMax FC

CheMax FC 3.3

Developer CheMax Team

It is free program that provides a large cheats database for console games.

Blackd Safe Cheats

Blackd Safe Cheats 2.1

Developer Blackd Tools

Blackd Safe Cheats is a free app that brings you basic cheats for Tibia.

Accelerated Reader Pennfield

Accelerated Reader Pennfield 6.2

Developer Renaissance Learning

Accelerated Reader Teacher

Accelerated Reader Teacher 1.0

Developer Default Manufacturer


Accelerated Reader Cheats

Accelerated Reader Student

Accelerated Reader Student 1.0

Developer Default Manufacturer

Cheatbook Database 2010

Cheatbook Database 2010 9.2

Developer Robert-Michael Fankhauser

It is a freeware cheats code tracker that makes hints,tricks,tips and cheats.

The BEST Club Penguin Cheats Toolbar

The BEST Club Penguin Cheats Toolbar 6.3

Developer The BEST Club Penguin Cheats

The BEST Club Penguin Cheats - stay connected and get so much more.

CP Cheats tool bar Toolbar

CP Cheats tool bar Toolbar 6.4

Developer CP Cheats tool bar

Enables your browser to get the freshest content from CP Cheats Community.

Millsberry Cheats Toolbar

Millsberry Cheats Toolbar 6.4

Developer Millsberry Cheats

Provides you with fresh content from Millsberry Cheats Community.

club penguin pure cheats Toolbar

club penguin pure cheats Toolbar 6.3

Developer club penguin pure cheats

Join the club penguin pure cheats community chat directly from your toolbar.

Chobots Cheats Toolbar

Chobots Cheats Toolbar 6.4

Developer Chobots Cheats

Chobots Cheats Toolbar was created for the virtual game that was released.

Cheatbook Database 2007

Cheatbook Database 2007 1.2

Developer Cheatbook

"Cheats code tracker" that makes hints and cheats for many platforms.

Bruteforce Save Data

Bruteforce Save Data 4.7

Developer Aldo Vargas

It is free database that contains the latest cheats for PS3 games.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2015.0

Developer Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe's original PDF viewer to read and annotate your PDF files.

Accelerated Reader STAR Reading

Accelerated Reader STAR Reading 5.0

Developer Ren Place